Child Custody

As a parent, there may be nothing in this world as precious as your child. For this reason, a child custody order or a good parenting time plan might be your priority during separation or divorce. Despite these possible changes in your life, you can take action to preserve your relationship with your child.

Our firm is highly experienced in child custody matters such as creating or modifying parenting plans, establishing a parent's rights, child relocation and protecting a child from potential harm.

What Is Right For The Child?

Alabama courts make custody and parenting time decisions according to the child's well-being. A judge weighs several factors regarding each parent's ability to provide shelter, security and have a meaningful relationship with their child.

Therefore, you may need the help of an attorney to demonstrate that you are fit to care for your child and that your relationship should not be wrongly severed. Alternatively, you and your lawyer may present legitimate concerns that the other party may neglect or endanger your child.

J. Timothy Smith P.C. understands that there is not a single arrangement that best suits every family. With a child's safety or a parent's rights at stake, our lawyer fiercely pursues suitable resolutions for child custody cases.

What Are The Custody Options?

Our Birmingham family law attorney is prepared to fight for your interests, whether your case involves full custody or joint custody. You may work with our firm to establish physical custody, which defines where the child lives, or legal custody, which includes the ability to make decisions for your child's life.

Prepare Your Custody Case With Us

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