Child Support

Raising a child may be a parent's greatest joy in life. However, parents must also remain realistic about the financial impact of caring for their child. When parents are separated or divorced, child support payments from one parent to the other are usually necessary. A skilled family law attorney can help ensure you receive or pay an appropriate amount of child support.

At J. Timothy Smith P.C., we are prepared to help parents understand and navigate the state child support guidelines. We can also help you persuade the family law court of a need to deviate from those guidelines for well-documented reasons. Our attorney advises parents in the Birmingham area and presents their financial needs and capabilities before a family law judge in pursuit of a fair child support arrangement.

Modifying An Existing Agreement

When your circumstances change, a current child support agreement may no longer be effective. If necessary, we highlight a parent's limited resources and propose child support modification in court.

Following the Alabama modification procedure correctly is essential. Parents who decide to change payments without a written and approved document may risk major financial or criminal consequences — even if both parents made a verbal agreement. We have the knowledge to navigate modification proposals to avoid these issues and create a balanced arrangement.

Aggressive Child Support Enforcement

A parent who is obligated to provide child support does a disservice to their child as well as the other parent when they refuse to make timely payments in full. This action also defies the child support order. Without following the proper procedure for seeking a modification first, the parent could face serious penalties for failure to pay child support.

As soon as an obligated parent neglects payment, the other parent should contact a lawyer who can determine legal actions to enforce the child support order. Our family law firm is prepared to hold obligated parents to their legal responsibilities.

Seek Help For Your Child Support Concern

Our attorney understands how significant child support can be for your household budget. We are available to discuss legal remedies to enforce a child support order. We can advise on concerns such as paternity rights and responsibilities for unmarried fathers. Call 205-208-7974 or reach us through our confidential online contact form.