The Financial Security You Deserve

One of your main concerns during divorce may be what this step will mean for your financial future. The end of your marriage will bring about significant changes to your life, but you may be eligible for a type of financial support that can provide you with security as you transition to your post-divorce life. Tim Smith of J. Timothy Smith P.C. can help you understand how spousal support works in Alabama divorces.

Whether you will have to pay alimony or you expect to receive support, our Hoover-based divorce lawyer can help you fight for a fair and sustainable divorce order. Our conveniently located law office serves the greater Birmingham area.

Spousal Support During Your Divorce

The divorce process can take months to complete, and in some situations, the lesser earning spouse may be able to secure spousal support to offset the economic inequity brought on by a separation. Our attorney can explain your options and pursue the support you need until the divorce is final.

Alimony After The Divorce Is Final

Every divorce and financial situation is different, and the amount of alimony a court may grant depends on many factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage and long-term savings
  • The income and earning capacity of each spouse
  • The ability of one spouse to make regular payments
  • Whether the lesser earning spouse gave up his or her career to raise kids
  • Whether or not the lesser earning spouse will need additional education to reenter the workforce

Alimony is often rehabilitative. This means the court will grant it for a limited period, often long enough for the recipient to go school, reenter the workforce or secure a higher paying job.

Protect Your Long-Term Interests

We can evaluate your case and help you understand what to expect regarding alimony or spousal support. Contact our office at 205-208-7974 or email us for assistance. We offer free initial phone consultations.