Will The End Of Your Marriage Mean The End Of Your Business?

As an Alabama small-business owner, you put in years of hard work to succeed. Your divorce may seem like a threat to your continued business operations, but the law firm of J. Timothy Smith P.C. knows how to protect the interests of small-business owners during divorce. Our lawyer can help you fight for a fair outcome that allows you to preserve your assets and keep your business intact.

When assisting a small-business owner during his or her divorce, our ultimate goal is to preserve your business as it is now. With complex and valuable assets at stake, you will find significant benefit in working with an experienced attorney. Our lawyer Tim Smith has over 30 years of experience in the Birmingham area, and he can serve as the advocate and ally you need.

Marital Property And Your Business Assets

Property acquired over the course of the marriage is marital property, which means it is subject to division, which could include business asset division. However, whatever business assets you accumulated before marriage may not be marital property. Your spouse could still have a claim to business assets secured during marriage or a share of assets that represent increased profits and business value over the course of the marriage.

When deciding on how a divorce will impact your marital property, the court will consider when you started the business, the contributions of each spouse to the success of the business and more. In some cases, it is possible to secure a final order that shields your business interests in out-of-court negotiations. Whether it is in the courtroom or around the negotiating table, our attorney will fight to keep your business intact.

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