A Better Way For Alabama Couples To Divorce

If you are facing divorce, you may have grave concerns about the stress and difficulty you may face during the process. The thought of a contentious, courtroom battle may be overwhelming to you, but mediation offers you another option. Birmingham attorney Tim Smith of J. Timothy Smith P.C. can help you understand why an out-of-court resolution could be the best choice for your situation.

Divorce mediation offers you and your spouse a way to address concerns and resolve all divorce-related disputes without stepping foot inside the courtroom. With the help of a neutral third-party mediator, you will work through issues by discussion, cooperation and negotiation. If this is the right path for your divorce, our lawyer can assist you through the entire process and help you work toward dispute resolutions.

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a preferable choice for Alabama couples who want to avoid litigation and work through the divorce process as quickly as possible. Some of the benefits to choosing divorce mediation include:

  • Takes less time to complete
  • Lower legal fees
  • Less stress for every member of the family
  • Allows both parties more control over final outcome

One of the most significant benefits to choosing mediation for your divorce is that this allows you to have a direct say in the terms of your final order. Through the process of mediation, both parties will work together to reach a final resolution that is fair, sustainable and allows for a strong post-divorce future.

Is Mediation Right For You?

Mediation does not require that the two parties get along or like each other, but it does require that both sides commit to the process and work respectfully together. An evaluation of your case can help you understand if this is right for you. We offer free initial phone consultations; contact our Hoover office at 205-208-7974 or here for more information.