Family Law Services

When you come face to face with a legal issue within your family, we take a personal approach to find the right solution. Our divorce and family law attorney has more than three decades of experience working directly with parents and spouses on the diverse challenges that they face.

We provide inclusive family law services in the Birmingham metro area, such as:

  • Divorce counsel and trial representation
  • Strategic advice for the division of marital property
  • Spousal support (alimony) determination
  • Family mediation
  • Representation in child custody proceedings
  • Pursuit or modification of child support
  • Parenting time and relocation assistance

Thorough Attention To Detail

Whether you are confronting legal separation or a parenting-related matter, we firmly believe in considering every aspect of your situation. Our lawyer will take your individual and legal needs into account when developing your case.

We are committed to achieving your goals in a timely, cost-effective manner. When appropriate, we propose mediation to prevent the common obstacles that court litigation may cause. If your assets division or child custody case does involve a trial, we devote ourselves to delivering exceptional representation. J. Timothy Smith P.C. intends to provide you with as much flexibility and control as possible.

Contact Our Jefferson County Law Office

Proactively avoid missing a filing deadline or risking a breach of your rights. Call our firm at 205-208-7974 or schedule a consultation online to discuss your Alabama family law case. We will respond promptly and confidentially.