The Role Of The Father In The Life Of A Child

When a child is born to unmarried parents or there is a question regarding the identity of the biological father, it may be necessary to establish paternity for the good of the child. Paternity may also be necessary for a father to assert paternity rights to see his children. If you are an Alabama parent, and you have questions about how legally establishing the identity of the biological father of the child can be an important step, Tim Smith of J. Timothy Smith P.C. in Hoover can help.

Paternity is legally significant in some circumstances. It can affect financial support for the child and whether or not the father will have visitation. Whether you are the father seeking access to your child or the mother seeking financial support, we can help you navigate the paternity concerns.

Seeking Support For The Needs Of The Child

Paternity can be significant for a mother who needs financial support to care for her child. Establishing paternity will compel the biological father to provide assistance for the costs associated with child care, medical care, school tuition, special needs and more. A mother can take legal steps to secure a child support order. Both parents have financial obligations to their children until they are 18 years old.

Establishing Rightful Parenting Time

By establishing paternity, a father can seek a court order that allows him father's rights, including to have regular access to his children. If you are a dad who wants custody or visitation, a paternity order may be appropriate. Our attorney can help you walk through the process of clearly establishing your role in the life of your kids in a fair parenting plan.

Experienced Birmingham Paternity Lawyer

Paternity can be a complex issue, but we can help you seek a reasonable and beneficial conclusion to your family law concerns. Contact our office online or call 205-208-7974 for an appointment to speak with our lawyer. We offer free initial phone evaluations.