Unique Challenges Faced By Alabama Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples now have the same rights as other Alabama couples, but you may find that you need support in same-sex adoptions and other family law matters to overcome various types of same-sex family law challenges. At J. Timothy Smith P.C., you can find the legal guidance you need to address your concerns and reach a positive resolution to your unique case.

No matter your specific legal needs, Tim Smith is ready to serve as the tenacious advocate and compassionate ally you need. With over three decades of legal experience, he knows what is at stake for you and your family. He will protect your rights, guide you in making smart choices and fight for your interests at every step.

Experienced Help For Challenging Circumstances

Despite changes in marital laws and a shifting cultural perspective on same-sex relationships, these couples often find they still face unique and complicated legal challenges. A specific example includes couples who lived together before same-sex marriage was federal law or married in another state before same-sex marriage was legal in Alabama. Our attorney and legal team can help you with the following types of family law concerns:

  • Divorce
  • Growing your family through adoption
  • Child custody and parenting schedules
  • Dispute resolution methods during divorce proceedings
  • Financial support and fair distribution of property

Located in Hoover, we serve couples throughout the Birmingham metro area. From helping Jefferson County same-sex couples complete an adoption to negotiating a fair divorce order for couples who cohabitated long before they married, our lawyer will fight to uphold your rights and secure a resolution that allows you to look to the future with confidence.

Free Phone Consultations Available

We offer free initial consultations by phone, but you can also contact our office for an in-person evaluation of your case with Tim in a comfortable, confidential environment. Call 205-208-7974 or complete the online contact form for an appointment.